Fallacies of Tomorrow

A new dystopian climate fiction out now!

In a world where technology is progressing at a startling rate, it made sense that soon we would be able to capture a projection of the future.
But that didn’t stop it from shaking Arjun to the core when he saw with unnerving clarity how fast things would slip out of their hands. 20 years was just the blink of an eye. And then it was all gone…

Some leaders were left trembling after seeing the horrifically dark display of people desperately clawing to gain back control of their lives. Others were completely unmoved.

While many want to prevent the massacre they had just witnessed, others believe that the only way for humanity to thrive is to sacrifice a certain amount of dead weight in the name of progress.

Is the job of the world leaders to protect and preserve the lives of today’s people, or is it their responsibility to improve the quality of life for those who will survive what has now become inevitable?


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Fallacies of Tomorrow has been officially published on the 30th of March 2023.

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About the Book

Inspired by the works of Yuval Noah Harari, this new dystopian fiction is a dark but potentially realistic future for humanity.
In an LGBTQI+ friendly story, follow the human desire for progression over the next 20 years if we keep going at our current rate.
Technology is fast overcoming human ability, while also removing the need for skills we once depended on for survival.
What our world might look like in a few short years many have predicted, but are we ready to face that reality?

About the Author

Ayla Carlin is an emerging author with her debut title Fallacies of Tomorrow. 

Growing up in Australia she has found herself intrigued by the human mind and our desire for progression. 

After working many years in the corporate world, she moved to India to discover herself and improve her overall health. 

There she volunteered, painted murals, started a digital marketing company and worked on finishing the first novel in a planned trilogy.

With the wellbeing of all living creatures and our planet at the front of her mind, Ayla hopes to create a world that is more caring through her stories.  

Ayla Carlin Author